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Les Testing 2017-08-04
AKcdm0hVA6y This is way more helpful than anyihtng else I've looked at. 2014-04-08
Joe Dalhuijsen Brilliant. Instructive and inspiring-many thanks! Your boat is beautiful, made with loving care and has a lot of soul, I'm sure. Bon voyage 2014-03-01
Joe Dalhuijsen Brilliant. Instructive and inspiring-many thanks! Your boat is beautiful, made with loving care and has a lot of soul, I'm sure. Bon voyage 2014-03-01
Hans meyer Thanks for this useful documentation. The boat is beautiful! 2014-02-11
qwnVQOKFXBDKTousFNM good stuff 2012-09-12
Les Dickson Kevin, thanks for your post. Your strategy of making sure you enjoyed the build is perfect. The building process is almost as much fun as sailing. Enjoy your days with the Diawl Bach!! 2012-05-14
Kevin Brown Please see note left on 12/12/2010. I am now very pleased to report that Diawl Bach (Welsh for Little Devil) is now completed. I started about Easter last year (2011) and quietly worked most nights, but I was determined to enjoy this build-so if I did not 2012-05-13
Steeve Keating Beautiful boat! Let me know if you ever want to sell her! 2011-05-07
Bernie Howdle Fabulous achievement a superb end product I wish I had fraction of your woodworking skills.I am a retired truck driver attempting to build a HERON 14'sailing/rowing skiff if it turns out even remotely looking like yours I shall be well pleased .enjoy the f 2010-12-30
Kevin Brown Wow , what a superb build. I intend to build a Skerry Skiff in the new year(2011) and if I get stuck or lose track I will just look at your site to get my inspiration going again. This will be my first full size wooden boat build but I have built a number 2010-12-12
Peter Jacobs Beautiful job on a lovely design! 2010-06-28
Alan Beautifully made 2010-03-15
jeff fudala was wondering if you could post any info on rudder and board if you have it 2010-03-08
DonSegua Excellent work!. A very nice lapstrake sailboat. 2010-02-24
Stuart Very nice work! Well made site with helpful construction details. We all look forward to your next project. Thank you. 2010-02-06
Lewis deWitt Nice work! Thanks for the details with the photos. Looks excellent. 2009-07-31
Benjamin Super nice project, thanks for sharing it with us. 2009-02-11
Paul Theuma Very nice build 2008-11-12
Likethehouse 'tis cedar eh? 2008-11-11
MJ very very nice, took quite some time, great guide however you left the most important pictures out! sailing 2008-02-28
Thank You 2007-04-18
hi. cool site . 2007-03-11
rob peterson i can't wait to see it, and maybe take a swim with it! best of luck on the maiden voyage! 2006-04-09
Dwight St. Amand Beautiful boat, nice work. Looks like it will be a pleasure to take out. 2006-02-01
David Fast Looks great! This is very inspirational as I am about to start on a similar boat a few hours north of you, in La Ronge. Should be fun and all the best for your maiden sail. 2006-01-09
Rod Thompson As a "dial up" person I am pleased to report that your web site is like your boat-created by a fine craftsman with a keen sense of the utilitarian and of classic beauty. Hope to have my mug shot appear on the maiden voyage section one day this spring 2006-01-08
Dan Clark Lookin' great Les! The web site performed well and the sight of the boat is making me dream about sailing again. 2006-01-08
Ian Dickson I always said I could have sewn that sail for you myself, given the chance. Maybe when you start building my boat, we can work something out. Great site! 2006-01-07
Les Test 0000-00-00

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