the gia
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The gia is a 14' lapstrake constructed with 1/4", 5-ply okume hull (4 sheets), mahogany decking & seats, and sitka spruce for the mast, boom & yard. I used West System Epoxy. She's based on the blackfly* designed by Bruce Taylor who was generous enough to post the lines and offsets on his web site as well as some great photos. *(Bruce's pages no longer appear to be on the web.)

In addition to the blackfly's plans, I relied extensively on two books:

gia hull

I started construction in the spring of 2005 and halted in September when things got too busy and too cold to proceed in my unheated garage. I resumed work in June 2006 and completed her by July 14. I invested over 420 hours — including about 65 hours lofting and getting the stations cut and assembled — and about $2600 (Canadian) in materials.

In terms of previous boat-building experience, I built a 19' cedar strip with fibreglass fabric and polyester resin in 1993. I'm also a journeyman carpenter — which isn't necessary to boat building, but very helpful.

Lapstrake construction is not the simplest method of building, but I love the lines of a boat and the shadows along the strakes accent the beauty of those lines magnificently.

The links on the left document various aspects of the construction and her maiden voyage. There are numerous lakes around here and I hope to sail her on most of them.

"We are the boat, we are the sea, I sail in you, you sail in me."

- Lorre Wyatt

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